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Odpowiedz na pytania pełnym zdaniem:
1.How do you feel when you have an exam in ten minutes?
2.How do you feel when your exam finishes?
3.How do you feel when you see a large spider in your bedroom?
4.How do you feel when friends or family members are arguing?
5.How do you feel when you arrive at a party?
6.How do you feel when you can't sleep?


1 Odpowiedz

  • I will be in really rage, and i now, i can't this.
    I feel really good, and i have optimist mind about exam.
    Spiders don't scary me.
    I feel rage.
    I don't now what will happend in the party, but I now. I will have hangover.
    I mind "i must be normal in school, but its impossible without sleep".