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odpowiedź na pytania szybko !
1) Have you ever drunk more than three cups of coffe a day?
2) How long did you use the internet this week?
3) How much did you spend in the shops last week?
4) How many hour did you watch TV yesterday?
5) Have you drunk any drinks with caffeine since this morning? What did you drink?
6) How many text messages did you sen

1 Odpowiedz

  • 1). Yes, once I have drunk 5 coffe cups in 3 hours.
    2). This week I have spent around 40 hours on the internet.
    3). I haven't visited any shop last week.
    4) Yesterday I have spent 2 hours on watching TV.
    5) No, I havent drunk any caffeine drinks today.
    6) I have seen thousands of messages in my life.