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2. Mehrgarh is in:-
(c) Spinning Tool
a) Jammu and Kashmir
(b) Assam
(c) Pakistan​

1 Answer

  • The correct answer is option - (d) - Pakistan.


    >> Mehargarh or Mehrgarh is located on the banks of Indus river in Pakistan.

    >> Mehargarh is famous for its Ancient History.

    >> As, Mehargarh is an archaeological site where we can see the evidences of Neolithic, chalcolithic and Indus valley civilization periods.

    >> Mehargarh is an archaeological site which shows the evidence of the farming in Neolithic and Chalcolithic ages.

    >> It is also an archaeological site for the evidences of agriculture in Indus valley civilization.

    >> The important crops which were grown in Mehrgarh were barely and Wheat.

    >> Mehargarh was founded by French archaeologist "James Francois" in 1974.

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