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Do you think it is easier to deal with a difficult situation if we look at it in a light-hearted way?

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  • Answer:

    Actually no


    We should never take a situation in a light hearted way.

    Instead we can look at the problem with a different perspective which will make it look much more easier or at least will give you some confidence to deal with the situation.

    Like everyday i have lot of homework and and sometimes i need to go out in evenings after schools and return back at 10 or something. (just a small eg)

    And on the next day i have hw submission.

    Then i suggest myself that

    (in hindi) koi bat nahi ratiye hamesha sone ke liye nahi bani hai and thoda padhai ke sath mauj kar lete hai.

    Sorry just a faded explanation and might not be that effective.

    Hope this helps a little bit.


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