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How did professor Arronax , Ned land and Conseil get captured from the story 20000 leagues under the sea​

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  • Answer:

    The story of 20,000 leagues under the sea is told by Professr Aronnax of how he was captured with his two friends under the sea by  Marine Captain by the name Nemo.

    This was after the United States issued an expedition in the sea to search for and destroy a monster like being that was believed to be in the sea.After some search,the ship finds the vessel ,attacks it and damages the ships rudder.On finding the vessels hide,they find the vessel creator and commander,Captain Nemo. The vessel was named Nautilus and it existed in secrecy in the sea free from any land based government.

    Captain Nemo insists that he should retain them underwaters so that the secret of his existence is maintained. Aronnax and Conseil are thrilled but Ned Land only thinks of escape.They visited many places in the sea,some real and others fictional.After some time,Nemo began to be cold and unfriendly towards Aronnax,this made Aronnax to begin empathizing with Ned land.

    Nautilus is then attacked by a ship from an unknown source that made Nemo to suffer,Due to his angry nature,he ignored Aronnax plea to have mercy on him. Nemo then sinks the Nautalus under the sea,making Conseil and lend terrified and depressed of the situation. Led then announced an escape plan,but Aronnax was first reluctant since he wanted to see Nemo for the first time but he realized that Nemo would not allow him to leave,so he adopted the escape plan.

    They managed to escape and found refuge at an island off the coast or Norway,and the fate of Nautilus remains unknown.

  • Answer:

    After Conseil had found Professor, they kept swimming seeing a frigate thinking it was the Abraham Lincoln, they swam towards it. They called out and heard a voice reply, the voice belonged to Ned Land. Ned had also been thrown out but then he landed on a floating island which he thought to be a narwhal.  Ned kicked on the ship demanding that they let them in, which they did. They were taken by 8 masked men to a room on the submarine.


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