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Suppose you are one of the victims of tsunami. Write a diary entry for the same.

1 Answer

  • I saw the cataclysm of tsunami today! I am still under the

    shock! I just wonder at the miracle that saved my life! Though the

    meteorological department had forewarned us with the prediction after the earthquake,

    yet we the people had taken it lightly. I saw a huge cloud moving towards the

    shore. Later on this cloud turned out to be a colossal wave (approximately 70

    feet high). The people who had seen it, shouted for running to safety. We sped

    as far away as we could on our bikes, scooters, and in cars. This saved us! Soon

    it smashed against everything on the shore. Standing on a distant hill we saw

    the destruction it caused to houses, vehicles, trees, vehicles. All the houses

    were turned into rubble by its mighty collision. And the collision also reduced

    its force. I thank God for saving me and my family!

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