Felix Bohnke

Birthday: 02.09.1974
Birthplace: Königstein (Taunus), Deutschland

Music was and still is the most important thing in my life - apart from living people. I always wanted to become a musician and write songs......

....but then I ended up as a drummer.... ;-)

I gathered my very first experiences in a percussion-group (at the age of 8 years).  After  my 10th birthday I got my first solo-drum lesssons at the music school in Konstanz.

I've been playing the drums without a break eversince.

Before that I actually hit cooking pots with spoons.  I guess the drums are the coolest instrument in every band ;-)

A couple of years later I got my first live experiences as a member of a percussion group lead by my drum teacher (also in Konstanz) – I was 12 years old.
At school I learned to read notes – an ability I do not need anymore since in all my bands we never use notes. I learn songs by listening & remembering.

In 1987 I had my first contact with Heavy Metal music: the T.V. show  "Hard 'n' Heavy" on Tele 5. I stuck to hard rock music ever since.

In the end of the 80's me and my parents moved from Konstanz to Marburg where I continued getting drum lessons – this time with the main focus on rock drumming.

With a couple of friends I founded my first band "Merciless Gnom". From the beginning we worked on own songs and after two years we had enough songs to play live shows. For 6 years we played concerts  and recorded 3 demo tapes. A short time later I became a member of a second group named "Exiled" which was founded by one of the guitar players of the „Gnoms“ with his girlfriend as a vocalist.

I also played in a big band at my school (in Marburg).

Since 1998 I am a member of Edguy.

I am playing with one of Germany's most successful hardrock/metal bands.
We are touring the world – Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, South America, Australia, Russia etc. - and we are one of the first western rockbands who played in Israel and China.

The last three Edguy CD´s entered the German charts and went into the top ten in several other countries worldwide.

In 2008 I played the whole „Avantasia“ world tour (Tobias Sammet´s Avantasia). I´ve had only 2 days to learn all the songs...  It was a great time with a bunch of very talented and awesome musicians (Bob Catley, Sascha Paeth, Jorn Lande, Oli Hartmann etc.).

It is important for me to include energy, precision, creativity and new ideas in my way of playing drums. Rock music calls for powerful drumming – but dynamics and feeling are also very important. Keeping an open mind is essential.

I love playing the drums and I love playing concerts – no matter what kind of music (Rock, Metal, Pop etc.).

Furthermore I give drum-clinics (showcases) for Mapex Drums and I will  continue that in the future.

I am open to many music styles and I am always open for new challenges.

Felix Bohnke


Musicschool Konstanz von 1984-1989
Musicschool Marburg von 1989 – 1998

Drum Clinic (Showcase) for Mapex Drums
Squealer (Live & Studio)
Taraxacum (Studio)



Theater of Salvation (1999)
The Savage Poetry (2000)
Mandrake (2001)
Painting on the Wall (EP, 2001)
Burning Down the Opera - live (2003)
Hall of Flames (best of - 2004)
Hellfire Club (2004)
King of Fools (EP, 2004)
Lavatory Love Machine (EP, 2004)
Superheroes (EP & DVD, 2005)
Rocket Ride (2006)
Tinnitus Sanctus (2008)
Fucking with F*** (DVD, 2009)


The Wicked Symphony (2010)
Angel of Babylon (2010)


Spirit of Freedom (2001)

Bands before Edguy:
Percussion Orchester at Musicschoool Konstanz
Schoolorchstra at Martin Luther Gymnasium Marburg
"Merciless Gnom“,
"Saints & Sinners“ 


The new EDGUY CD "Space Police - Defendrs of the Crown" will be released on April 18th 2014! The CD will be available as an earbook Editionmore

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Hi everybody,I am happy to announce that Avantasia and I will once again make the world a better place (concerning live shows) - starting on April 12tmore

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Hello everybody.I will be giving a Masterclass and a Workshop on December 8th, 2013 at MAYDRUMS in Schnega (Germany).The Masterclass will start at 14:more

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